Webroot Internet Security : Complete Internet Security with Webroot

webroot internet security

Webroot internet security is a comprehensive suite that safeguards the system from potential frauds on the internet. It is one of the most latest and compact-sized online threat protection software with reliable and unique features. Also, it’s the most compact and lightweight antivirus available in the market. It scans online and offline threats, and it requires a small storage space on the system. Hence, it not only includes malware, antivirus, and spyware scanning but contains real-time phishing also. Moreover, it provides complete protection from identity theft by causing harm to the system’s performance.

System Requirements and Installation of Webroot Internet Security

The most impressive thing about Webroot internet security is that all three antivirus versions are the same.

Therefore, the minimum specs to install are:

  •  Celeron Processor
  • 128mb Ram
  • 10Mb Hard disk space required for storage

Moreover, the installation process is easy and fast. It takes less than 2 minutes for the software to get installed. Thus, before starting the program, the webroot installer runs through several numbers of checks/processes, including

  • Analyze all installed applications on the system
  • Optimize the software to make sure that it safeguards the system properly
  • Analyze and optimize all network connection properly
  • Rectifying a system baseline to check any significant system changes that could be harmful.

Thus, these checks ensure that Webroot internet security is set up correctly and can perform functioning correctly. Moreover, once this process gets complete, then an initial scan will start automatically.

Features of Webroot Internet Security

Webroot internet security is a reliable option and works great for a lot of people. Therefore, the following are the features that include;

  •  25GB Cloud Storage : The best feature is that 25GB of cloud storage is included. Therefore, to use the cloud storage feature, the users will have to log in to their webroot account. Once the user logins, they can select the file they want to back up to the cloud with Webroot.
  • No Downloads Required : Whenever any user chooses Webroot Internet Security for their device, they don’t have to download unnecessary packages or files. It gets updated automatically to offer more convenient and quick online protection benefits to the users. Apart from this, for the background protection process, it uses low RAM services.
  • Identity Protection : Identity theft protection is the most advanced feature of Webroot internet security. It allows the users to safeguard the crucial identity details used online, such as account number, password from unexpected spyware.
  • Fast Scanning Feature : Webroot Internet Security scans at lightning-fast speeds. The cloud-based technology allows the scan to complete fast without slowing down the system and virus definitions stored on the local system.

Pros and Cons

  • 25GB Cloud Storage Included
  • Fast installation time
  • Light system Footprints
  • Fast scanning speed
  • No parental control
  • Firewall protection isn’t good.
  • Expensive Renewal price

Efficiency of Webroot internet security

The Webroot Security software protects the PC against the threat, viruses, spyware in a pretty unique way. Rather than conventional heuristic detection, It relies on cloud-based detection. If the file founds suspicious, its behavior gets tested additionally to figure out and inform the cloud whether it’s safe. 

Help & Support

On the official website, great video tutorials on installation, backup, synchronization, mobile setup, creating an account, and password management are provided for all valuable users. By reading the FAQs and the Product User Guide, the user can get answered to their questions. Also, one can contact the experts via ticket or by phone. 

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