Webroot Antivirus Review : Top Rated Antivirus Software

Webroot Antivirus

Webroot Antivirus is easy to use and budget-friendly software that provides the perfect solution to the antivirus needs. It is a typical antivirus program that comes with a decent set of features. Along with this, it uses a proprietary system for finding and fixing the viruses from the system.

Webroot Secureanywhere Antivirus is known for its advanced and excellent malware detection, ransomware protection and high-speed scan features. So, in order to provide ultimate protection to the system, webroot antivirus is ideal software. Moreover, this antivirus software provides next-gen security to the device. In addition with this, it prevents the potentially harmful threats and keeps the data safe and secure in the connected world. To Activate Webroot Vist

Features of Webroot Antivirus

Webroot antivirus is a fast, secure, and reliable software that provides proper antivirus solutions and ensures that it is safe against cyber dangers. Moreover, it is one of the finest antivirus applications that safeguard the user’s data while performing online activities. So, webroot antivirus is the best software for any assistance that the user requires for their device. Thus, mentioned below are some of the features of Webroot Antivirus.

Identity shield

Webroot antivirus has a tool that always ensures to keep the user’s data safe and secure. The identity shield detects and blocks hackers’ attempts to hack the network and monitor the user’s activities.

Password Manager

With the Webroot Secureanywhere antivirus software, the user gets access to a good, cross-device password manager tool. It allows the user to store all of their username and the password in a single secure place. Moreover, it helps users create a strong password whenever they are signing up for a new account.

SafeStart Sandbox

This tool acts like a box where the antivirus can test suspicious programs safely and in a confined environment. Moreover, such a tool makes sure that the software operates with an excellent track record and reduces the chances of falsely flagging safe files or programs.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

It is a type of extra account security that is included with the Webroot Management account. It ensures that the trusted user logins into the account. 

of Webroot Antivirus


  1. It provides Low-Priced subscriptions to its users.

  2. It has significantly less impact on the system’s performance.

  3. It has Webcam and firewall protection included at all pricing.

  4. Many advanced features

  5. Fast threats removal feature


  1. It does not provide a parental control feature.

  2. In the webroot antivirus software, no VPN or identity theft monitoring is included.

  3. No exclusion / ignore list feature

  4. No live technical support channel

  5. Mobile app interface outdated

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Webroot Support

Before asking for help from the professionals, the user can find the answers to the common problems and FAQs through the official website. Many help videos and how-to guides are there to help out the users. One can also check for the community forum that currently has more than 50,000 topics posted for discussion.

If the users are still not able to resolve the issue, they can directly get in touch with the webroot customer service team

Final Verdict

The Webroot antivirus offers excellent anti-malware protection from its cloud-based operation. However, it can be unreliable sometimes in flagging phishing websites. Besides this, it is value for money product providing a set of advanced security features.

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